Only Change is Permanent


As if time has stopped – do you also get this feeling?

When life gets back to what it was or possibly a bit differently, a bit better, how will that be?

What is in it that you would keep and what are those things that would be better to let go?

What is it that would be good to think over, what can you prepare for and what are those circumstances that are out of your control?

What is it exactly that you would like in your professional life, in your collaborations with others?

What are those values that are important for you in this?

What are those personal strengths and external sources that could support you in this?

What would be the first, second, third step that you can make towards this?


My offer is a coaching process of 6 occasions if

  • you would be ready to start where you stopped but a bit differently, with clarity in your head
  • If you would like to see where you are and where you are heading
  • If you don’t want to get back to what you left behind, and are curious to think over your desires and possibilities
  • If you are considering a significant career change, but you are uncertain how you could do that


My contribution as a coach:

  • empathetic, accepting atmosphere, active listening
  • mapping of your inner resources, values 
  • assessment of your possibilities 
  • proactive, solution-focussed thinking 
  • support in the design of your action plan 

Our sessions can happen online or outdoors in Budapest – let’s have a walk together on your favourite routes or let’s discover some unknown parts of the city.

You can read more about the coaching process here




After our first meeting you have the option to pay for the full process of 6 occasions. 

In this case you will be offered a 15% discount for the whole process.  

Please find my contact here.