Workshop, Training

Workshops and trainings in arts management: 

  • production management 
  • tour management  
  • international relations 
  • development of collaborations
  • career development   

Trainings and workshops for teams and organizations: 

  • internal communication
  • assertive communication
  • cooperation development  
  • assertive communication
  • conflict management  

I develop the structure, content and framework of the trainings and workshops according to the specific needs and possibilities. 

The recommended minimum timeframe for the trainings is 8 hours or 2 x 4 hours.  

Depending on the topic and content the minimum recommended timeframe for workshops is 3 hours.  

The timing of the specific sessions largely depends on the content and the number of participants. Maximum recommended number of participants is 15 people.  

I can make a detailed offer after an introductory meeting, when the needs and possibilities are assessed.  

You can find my contact here.