Coaching is a personalized development and facilitation activity. It is personalized, as it does not apply general solutions. After understanding the given problem the coach starts from the specific situation and helps the client with questions, techniques in finding his/her own solution to the given problem, entanglement. It develops and facilitates, as the coach puts the client and his/her situation in focus, it concentrates on the best possible utilization of the client’s strengths. It starts from the assumption that the solution is with the client, he/she is the best expert of his her/life. The coach facilitates the client to find the best fitting solution, to change the mindset of looking at the given problem.   

In the coaching process we do not concentrate on untangling the past, but with focusing on the present and and mapping the possibilities and strengths we work together on the solutions for the future. 

The coach helps the client to understand and activate his/her strengths, values, motivations better, to change his/her viewpoint of her life and professional situation. Relying on these the goal of the coaching process is that the client becomes and active, conscious conductor of his/her professional or private life. 

The process usually comprises 5-8 meetings of 60 minutes each. In this the client determines the objective of the process, the possibilities and strengths, decides about the framework, content and timing of change, works out an action plan and then sets off on the path of change, development, problem solving – all this is facilitated by the coach.  

The process starts with an introductory interview, in which the client and coach get a feeling of one another’s chemistry and map the situation. If we mutually agree to work together, we agree about the framework, regularity and fee of the coaching at the end of the first meeting.  

I practice my coaching activities in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Core Competencies of the International Coach Federation. 



It is not psychotherapy – we neither analyze the past nor solve psychological problems, but focus on the present and work in a solution-focused manner.  

It is not consultancy  – you are the expert of your life. As a coach I facilitate you in puzzling out your solution through the better understanding of your personal strengths, motivations, values and possibilities.