Artistic collaborations entail all sorts of difficulties; including the cooperation within the artistic team and external partners.

I believe that the inevitable key to good artistic collaboration is an open, safe and creative environment.

I offer my support in the creation and maintenance of this environment  from the beginning, through the duration and then closure of the project.

Facilitation of Artistic Collaborations

We will shape the framework of cooperation with the help of team coaching tools: 

– the tasks and responsibilities within the team 

– we map of the individual expectations in respect of the collaboration and harmonize them  

– we learn about the basics of assertive communication 

– we monitor and shape the collaboration on the go, address any emerging conflicts

– we map the circle of external partners, define the strategy in this respect and the communication with them 

– the method of my intervention, the requirements in this respect 

– the timeframe of our work together and the guidelines for its modification

We will address emerging difficulties with the help of solution focussed conflict management technique applying the method of assertive communication. 

At the end of the project we will dedicate time and space for evaluation and reflection within the team and with external partners. we allocate time for the planning of the future of the project. 

If you think that the above described process would be useful for your team please contact me via email or telephone.  

The first introductory meeting is free of charge, the fee for the whole process shall be defined according to the requirements and timeframe of our collaboration.  

Please find my contact details here