International Strategy Development

Developing and maintaining international relations is a planned and continuously evolving process. The work starts with the self definition of the artist or company and the mapping of existing resources, contacts and partners.  

Relying on the knowledge of the above described as well as the international tendencies we develop together the strategy for entering to or strengthening of your position in the international field. 

Following the development of the strategy I can support you in the realization of the plan if needed. 

In this process I apply my knowledge and experience of 18 years in festival production (Sziget Festival, dunaPart), my presence in international platforms and festivals, the network and knowledge earned in international management, tour management, international collaborations, Creative Europe partnership projects, as a member of the IETM Advisory Committee and in other international programmes. 

The process entails the following fundamental, subsequent steps, which we will develop together in a tailor-made manner. 

Mapping your portfolio,  resources, limitations on an artistic and organizational level. 

Defining the motivations for internationalizing.  

Definition of priorities

Determining the person/people in charge of internationalization and the decision making processes

Mapping the professional environment in your local scene as regards to internationalization 

Assessing international tendencies

Defining your current position, visibility in the international scene

Existing (potential) international partners in relation to your own resources 

Defining motivations, objectives, priorities

Allocating human and financial resources

  • Communication (online and personal presence on international forums)
  • Distribution (professional networks, examination of potential and desired partners) 
  • Finances (pricing, subsidy possibilities) 
  • Artistic project development possibilities for internationalization

Development of an action plan with timing, allocation of human and financial resources 

  • Monitoring of the action plan 
  • Implementation of necessary modifications, fine-tuning  
  • Evaluation of the process 
  • Re-planning