The success of organizations largely relies on the awareness and harmonization of individual and team goals and the definition of responsibilities and roles.

Organizational development (OD) aims at the enhancement of organizations’ capacities through structured, planned, tailor-made methods and models.

It comprises of training, coaching and consultancy work.

Organizational Development

Who do I offer my services to? 

I am happy to work on the organization development of smaller companies, nonprofit organizations, teams that have been established for a mutual objective, operating on a permanent basis.  

When do I advise to start an OD process? 

  • If the company/organization is facing some important organizational transition, if the sector, market has changed and the operations need to be adjusted accordingly.  
  • If you detect a problem in the internal cooperation, communication. 
  • If the objective set when the company/organization was established has changed or has become blurred. 
  • If you would like to improve the efficiency, cooperation, communication within the company.  

OD is a targeted, planned intervention, which aims at the improvement of the efficiency of the organization and the people working in it. 

The development targets at the individuals, managers, teams, the communication, cooperation within and between the teams. The applied methods are adapted to the given circumstances  and needs. 

We focus on the following main areas:  
  • Defining objectives, vision, mission and strategy  
  • Defining common values, corporate culture 
  • Determining roles, responsibilities  
  • Clarification the structure of operations  
  • Clarification, activation of motivations  
  • Developing systems based on cooperation  

The above described scenarios and fields of intervention are the general areas of OD. 

The OD process starts with a detailed evaluation of the organization, understanding the needs, possibilities, the determination of the areas for intervention. 

Please contact me if you are curious to see how your organization, team can be developed or if you have already detected areas for improvement.